At Appleby Training and Heritage Centre we do all our qualifications with City & Guilds.

We can offer apprenticeships in:

So what is an apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is essentially a job with training. The apprentice will work 4 days per week and study to gain a qualification the other 1 day per week. This allows them to have a job and earn a wage whilst gaining a recognised qualification and experience.

An apprenticeship framework is made up of THREE component parts:

  1. The main aim – used to support the apprentice to gain practical and theoretical knowledge in their occupational area. This is made up of 2 qualifications and a competence of knowledge based qualifications.
  2. Functional Skills or GCSE`s in English and Maths and ICT – apprentices who have already gained at least a grade C in GCSE English and Mathematics are not required to re-sit. Most, but not all, apprenticeship frameworks require Functional Skills in ICT.
  3. Employee Rights and Responsibilities, whereby apprentices learn what is expected of them as an employee and what they can expect from their employer.

The majority of young people start on an Apprenticeship at Level 2 and then can then progress to a Level 3 in their second year which roughly equivalent to “A” Level standard.

It is possible in some circumstances for candidates to enroll on a Level 3 Qualification straight away. This would depend on factors such as age, experience and previous qualifications. A more in depth interview and discussion would be required for this.

What apprenticeships we can currently offer at AHC

Currently, (as we are new to the Registered List of Training Providers) we can provide:

  • Motor Vehicle
  • Engineering
  • Business Administration
  • Supporting Teaching and Learning

We are looking in to expanding the selection of courses we can offer and hope to have new ones up and running in the near future.

What Appleby Heritage Centre (AHC) can do for you?

  1. Subject specialist support for each of our frameworks, all of our staff delivering training have occupational competence and the required assessing qualifications.
  2. Support candidates who require functional skills qualifications. Again we have qualified specialist teachers to deliver this aspect of the frameworks.
  3. A friendly and supportive learning environment for you in a quite unique setting.
  4. Offers quality education locally on your doorstep.

Have a look at our apprenticeship flyer which can tell you more information about apprenticeships in general.