Appleby Training & Heritage Centre Leisure Courses

Community Learning :

Appleby Training and Heritage Centre offers a wide range of community learning courses.  Some of our most popular include : Introduction to Upholstery, Welding for Beginners, An introduction to Plastering and Rendering, Rag Rug making, Sewing and Art classes.

The Centre aims to respond to the needs of our local community; therefore, if there is a course you are interested in please do let us know and we will endeavor to source a tutor who has the skills and experience to deliver the learning.

As a small, independent training provider, we need minimum numbers of learners on our courses to cover our costs.  Generally, we need a minimum of 10 learners.

Most of our classes are run in either one of our training classrooms (converted railway carriages) or one of our purpose equipped workshops.  Occasionally we run classes away from our main site, you will obviously be advised of the class location.

Course TitleTutorStart DateTimeFeeWeeksVenue
Afternoon TeaJ Robinson17/04/1710.00 - 16.00£301AHC
Amazing AbstractsK MacDougall15/10/1610.00 - 16.00£201AHC
Amazing Acrylic LandscapesK MacDougall24/06/1710.00 - 16.00£201AHC
Art of our AncestorsK MacDougall20/05/1710.00 - 16.00£201AHC
BasketryT Leith21/09/1610.00 - 16.00£664AHC
Celebration Cakes (Decorating / Sugar Craft)J Robinson17/01/1719.00 - 21.00£6610AHC
Collage, Frottage & AssemblageK MacDougall08/07/1710.00 - 16.00£201AHC
Cooking with ChocolateJ Robinson25/03/1710.00 - 16.00£201AHC
CV Writing / Job SearchH Chapman23/09/1613.00 - 15.00£335AHC
Extreme KnittingP Bolton11/0/17 or 24/06/1710.00 - 16.00£201AHC
Glass PaintingT Leith25/03/17 or 24/06/1710.00 - 16.00£201AHC
Interview SkillsH Chapman23/09/1610.00 - 12.00£335AHC
Introduction to Upcycling your FurnitureS Roberts18/02/1710.00 - 16.00£402AHC
MacDougall's DoodlesK MacDougall11/03/1710.00 - 16.00£201AHC
Machining in a Small WorkshopS Enright11/01/1719.00 - 21.00£806AHC
Rag Rug MakingP Bolton08/10/16 or 18/03/1710.00 - 16.00£201AHC
Silk PaintingT Leith18/03/17 or 17/06/1710.00 - 16.00£201AHC
Simple PatchworkingP Bolton11/02/17 or 17/06/1710.00 - 16.00£201AHC
Smart Job searchesH Chapman11/11/1613.00 - 15.00£335AHC
WeldingC Blaylock14/09/16 or 01/03/1718.00 - 20.00£1126AHC
Work Ready Following RedundancyH Chapman11/11/1610.00 - 12.00£335AHC
BuntingP Bolton13/05/1710.00 - 16.00£301AHC
Handmade CardsTBA26/11/1610.00 - 16.00£301AHC
Hanging BasketsTBA06/05/1710.00 - 16.00£301AHC
Festive Flower ArrangingTBA12/11/1610.00 - 16.00£301AHC
Fabulous FeltK MacDougall08/10/16 or 06/05/1710.00 - 16.00£301AHC
Fabulous Felt ContinuationK MacDougall15/10/16 or 13/05/1710.00 - 16.00£301AHC

The following courses run over 3 terms (price per term)

Course TitleTutorStart DateTimeFeeWeeksVenue
Art Drawing ContinuationK MacDougall19/09/1610.00 - 12.00£6610AHC
Art Drawing For BeginnersK MacDougall19/09/1613.00 - 15.00£6610AHC
Basic Plastering & RenderingM Brenan20/09/1619.00 - 21.00£10710AHC
French - BeginnersA Mills21/09/1619.00 - 21.00£6610AHC
Intermediate SewingR Williamson02/11/1619.00 - 21.00£39.606AHC
Intro to Japan - Cookery, Culture & TraditionsL Gregory21/09/1619.00 - 21.00£6610AH
KnittingP Bolton20/09/1618.00 - 20.00£6610AHC
LacecraftsM Hanson22/09/1610.30 - 12.30£39.606RB
MindfulnessJ Chapman20/09/1616.30 - 18.15£57.7510AMH
Mindfulness Based Living CourseJ Chapman21/09/1618.30 - 20.15£57.7510AH
Sewing for BeginnersR Williamson14/09/1619.00 - 21.00£39.606AHC
Spanish - IntermediateTBA20/09/1616.30 - 18.30£6610AHC
Spanish - BeginnersTBA20/09/1619.00 - 21.00£6610AHC
Tai Chi & Chi KungT Linderman19/09/16 or 21/09/1619.30 - 21.00£67.5010TBC
UpholsteryS Roberts19/09/1619.00 - 21.00£6610AHC
WoodworkTBA21/09/1619.00 - 21.30£668AHC
Yoga - All AbilitiesJ Chapman20/09/1619.15 - 21.00£78.7510AMH
Yoga - All AbilitiesJ Chapman22/09/1619.15 - 21.00£78.7510AH
Yoga - All Abilities (daytime)J Chapman21/09/1610.00 - 11.45£78.7510LMVH
Yoga at Soulby (day and night classes available)S Gordon22/09/1615.00 - 17.00 / 18.30 - 20.30£90.0010SVH
Yoga for Healthy Lower BackJ Chapman12/09/1619.15 - 21.00£94.5012ASC